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the administrators allegedly coordinated paid reviews. amazon's long-running campaign against fake reviews just enjoyed some success. techcrunch reports that amazon has sued the administrators of more than 10,000 facebook groups for attempting to coordinate fake reviews in exchange for free products or money. the group operators tried to recruit people in the us, uk, four european countries and japan. one of the larger examples, amazon product review, tried to avoid detection by "obfuscating" letters in phrases used to detect activity like this. meta pulled the 43,000-member earlier this year.

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&action=capture note: amazon pay lets you specify various pieces of information in the emails sent by amazon pay, like your customer service email address, phone number, or note from the merchant. for more information about these details, see buyer-facing email content that you can provide.

notify google that their review policy has been violated. you can do this by clicking on the flag icon beside the date of the review. this will take you to google's "report a policy violation page" where you fill out the required information. the courts have recognized that posting on google and social media accounts is publication. in order to establish publication for a defamation claim, you only have to show that one other person saw the review.

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we've already got two interesting examples of devpay in action... you can think of devpay as an enabling technology for our other services. as as developer you will spend most of your time working with the other aws services while counting on devpay to allow you to monetize your hard work.